Invitation Letter

Dear friends and colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to an advanced workshop of liposuction (superdry4D liposuction), the aesthetic surgery of the leg and lipoedema treatment, which will take place in Istanbul, Turkiye in 26-27 January 2024. We are excited to host you at such a scientific event. This comprehensive two-days course is intended for plastic surgeons looking to improve their skills in the aesthetic surgery of the legs and lipoedema treatment. The session topics are wide-ranging and cover some of the most popular procedures in leg aesthetic surgery, including superdry4D liposuction, and micro fat transfer, the neurectomy of the gastrocnemius muscle as well as the applications of evolutionary medicine to lipoedema treatment.

The ecorche sculpture training of the legs is another appealing topic in our workshop. You will learn how to create aesthetically pleasing legs by sculpting first the bones and then adding the muscles one by one on one side of the sculpture.

I can't stress enough how this training will increase overall success of your practice.

You will certainly achieve great results effectively, efficiently and consistently without fancy technologies.

I hypothesize that lipoedema started with the agricultural revolution in Çatalhöyük, Türkiye. it is an evolutionary mismatch. Let us meet where lipoedema is originated.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at our workshop.


Prof.Dr. Ahmet Karacalar

Ahmet Karacalar
Prof. Dr. Ahmet Karacalar
Ahmet Karacalar, Prof. Dr. is specialized in the field of aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery. He pursued an academic career as the scientific step of his efforts to create an eclectic way of aesthetic surgery. He stayed away from the professorial stereotypes. He makes figurative and abstract bronze sculptures.

Amazonizm, Breast, and Aesthetics; The Amazons and the Scream of Matriarchy; Aesthetic Surgery and the Cinderella Tale, Iconoplasty; Lipoedema and Its Treatment are among his other books. He has over fifty international articles, of which he is the first author.


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